Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break

George had a big time playing at Grandpa's over Spring Break. Dad and George left mom at home (where she enjoyed having nice, quiet, peaceful time to enjoy a good book) and went to Lavonia for two days. Seems George did not want to come home. As a matter of fact, the next day when mom asked for a kiss, she was denied. George told her he wanted to go back to Grandpa's.
Who could blame him? They played ball, bubbles, rode the tractor, read books and even took a mineral block out to the woods for the deer...not to mention enjoyed some of Grandma's good food. Who needs mommy when you've got all that?

Playing ball

Posing with the tractor

Enjoying a good book

Driving the tractor

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I could start by saying I have been a terrible blogger and give you all kinds of excuses....but I think the main thing that needs to be said is "He's a toddler." Yep, and that brings with it all the joys and all the tantrums. I've really taken a step back and just been taking it all in. George is a funny boy, and it's a joy to watch him. I will try to do better in sharing not only for you, but so I too will remember all these details when he's older.
We are wrapping up a wonderful Easter weekend. We started with a beautiful Friday afternoon outside. George was really enjoying playing outside with bubbles. He's still absolutely in love with bubbles. It was time to start dinner and I could easily see that making him come in for dinner was going to lead to a complete meltdown and no dinner being eaten anyway, so mom decided to just keep it simple and pick your battles, right? So, I made my life easier by making hot ham and cheese sandwiches and serving them on paper plates on a picnic blanket in the front yard. George thought it was SO much fun and he ate a big dinner, partially just because of the novelty of it.

Saturday was the Easter Egg Hunt at church. George caught on pretty quickly. Inti ally he wanted to stop, open each egg and eat what was inside, but pretty soon he caught on to the idea of just getting all the eggs he could find and opening them later. The Easter Bunny was there and although we initially thought that was going to be bad (there was much screaming when he first arrived) it turned out to be his favorite part of the whole day. He ended up following the Easter Bunny around the rest of the morning. When Bunny finally went inside for a while, George ran over to me and announced to everyone in earshot that the Easter Bunny had gone inside to go potty!
He continued to talk about the Easter Bunny the rest of the day. We even had to call him before we went to bed! This morning was fun, too. The infamous bunny did come visit us during the night and brought goodies. He's particularly attached to his Lightening McQueen car and another little "generic" truck that he likes to refer to as Tow Mater. I suppose you just have to use your imagination sometimes. Of course he had to take them to church....and hold tight to them in all the Easter pictures! Below are some family shots as well as an adorable picture of George and his buddy, Cooper.

Friday, August 14, 2009


George is a little stubborn. And a bit argumentative. Just ask the Colonel.

We were visiting last weekend to celebrate a pretty big birthday and the Colonel and George had an argument on one of their outings. The neighborhood there is still undergoing quite a bit of construction. On a walk back from the "weeee" also known as park or slide or swings, George saw a large piece of equipment. (Just the night before he got to check it out up close with his buddy Mr. Barnes.) So, George was still pretty interested in this equipment and pointed to it and said "Truck!" Now, it really has some sort of more technical name that Colonel tried to share but then thinking that was a little too advanced for George, he said to George, "Tractor." To which George replied, "Truck!" and then Colonel said, "Tractor!" This went on all the way back to the house. (Although Colonel said George slipped up once and said tractor.)
George thought it was funny. Colonel printed pictures off the computer of a tractor and a truck and took them to G to show him and George would just grin and say "Truck!"

So, yesterday before George left for school he kept pointed to this little car he's been attached to for the last week and said "Truck!" I said, no, actually that's a car. He was quiet, then looked up at me, grinned a huge sneaky grin and said, "Truck!"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A brief video of George working on his conducting skills. He's just about in a complete daze as he conducts Vivaldi...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I know we've been too long in blogging. I apologize for the delay. That seems that I can't get to a lot of extras these days. I think that has something to do with being the mom of Mr. Independent. He is two and going on 21. He wants to do everything by himself. He has some obsessions...vacuums (still), bubbles and now he can't get enough of the bubble mower cousin Brian sent. I guess it's a combination of the two. We just celebrated George's 2nd birthday last weekend with a party at the park by the lake. It was a beautiful day and George had enough fun to make up for not enjoying party number one so much. Last year, poor George was sick at his own party. Here are a few pictures. I promise to try to not slack off so on my blogging again.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


George had fun. He still didn't "get" most of it, but he had fun anyway. Here are pictures of us all dressed up for church.

Friday, March 20, 2009

George's big musical performance

This is George's performance of "The Wheels on the Bus." Please excuse my very messy house. I think it's funny that there's even a shoe on the TV stand. George likes to try different shoes on, so sometimes you just find that they've been put in random places. We've learned to ignore it I guess...till we need the shoes back.

He also does a little "Deep and Wide" on this video too.